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September 2, 2010
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inSET HD by cypher7 inSET HD by cypher7
****************** UPDATE ******************
Version 1.1 now supports iOS 4.2.1. Please report bugs and problems here as comment or send me a message via Deviant-Notes.

Here it is ... for iPhone 4 AND iPhone 3 to use with winterboard (please enable "Summerboard Mode").

I'd like to say thanks to *itnsltwn [link] for leather background, to krisyay [link] for his tireless Beta testings and sending me screenshots and Livven [link] for the iPhone template I use for the screenshots above.
And thanks to all the people who pushed me to make this HD version of the inSET theme.

- iPhone 4 and 3 support
- 69 refreshed App icons are included
- german and english language support
- install instructions inside the download archive
- no additional installations needed
- with and without icon labels
- PSD file for custom Dock icons included

and mouch more ...

Please respect the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License

Thanks for attention.
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does this work on ios 5.0.1? i would love to use that dock!! :)
christina2236 May 11, 2011   Filmographer
it is really cool!--
christina2236 May 11, 2011   Filmographer
it is really cool!
Awesome theme! It was a bit tricky to install due to previous settings i had done for another theme. But now its set and looks great!
EDIT 2: I'm all set. I just downloaded No Icon Shadows for iOS 4.2.1 and it's perfect. Sorry for the headache!!
Looks gorgeous from what I see above. Now if I can just figure out how to use it.. (JB iPhone 4 + iOS 4.2.1 + noob = me)
Download it, unpack it and read the instructions inside - that should work. ;)
Thanks for the info. I've done that all of that already, but I'm still having trouble getting the docked icons to display. It just shows the regular default ones. Trial and error is my best friend =p
Calm down! Specific infos about your problem could have worked at the first time.
First of all enable "SummerBoard Mode" in the Winterboard settings. Copy the needed Dock-icons (Phone, Mail, Messages, etc.) to the folder named icons. Make sure you copied the icons "...@2x.png" too (needed 'cause you are iPhone 4).
A couple of days ago my 3GS brokes completly down and I have to recover it and jailbreak it again. After this I installed my theme and noticed that the Phone and Mail icon were not about work die. After the 3rd theme installation and the 5th or 6th respring it magically worked.
Until now I didn't figured out the problem. So I'm sorry, but keep on trying.

Haha I'm calm don’t worry.. I've got it all set up, just two minor issues.

Problem 1: I don’t use the default messaging app, I use bitesms. So I replaced the bitesms icon with the 'messages' icon you made, I copied both the icon and the '@2x.png', replacing the default bitesms icon. The problem is that it's just a pixel or two smaller than the rest of the dock icons.

Problem 2 is simple but I can't figure it out. I still have the rectangular shadow behind the docked icons.

I can take a screenshot and show you if you'd like.
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